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Willard Fields

In 1988, after many years as a broadcaster in major (and not so major) markets around the country, Willard Fields decided to listen to the call of his entrepreneurial instincts.  He formed BRENWILL JEWELRY  and began selling costume jewelry at local festivals throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

As he listened to his clients, he noted that although they liked costume jewelry, semi-precious gemstones and metals were in great demand.  He began to experiment with original designs of earrings, necklaces and brooches.  The results were astounding.

Now, Willard Fields, of BRENWILL JEWELRY, is an accomplished jewelry designer.

Mr. Fields says he prefers to create jewelry women can wear in any situation...from formal to casual.  He personally enjoys working with lapis lazuli, a deep blue stone with a pyrite matrix, found mostly in the mountains of Afghanistan.  However, Mr. Fields finds that his clientele likes the varied configurations of hematite and black  onyx, used separately or in tandem.

Mr. Fields has toured extensively with his work including shows in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Charleston, West Virginia. After residing in the U.S. Virgin Islands for five years (1999-2004), Mr. Field's now calls Wilmington, North Carolina home. His work can be seen daily (except Monday) at the Old Wilmington City Market in dowtown Wilnington. Email Willard Fields:

The unique beauty and superior craftsmanship of BRENWILL creations are the qualities that inspire their high demand.